Saturday, August 14, 2010

No Electrical

So, I drove the MG to work the other day and it ran fine. When I got out in the evening and went to start it, nothing. No power, no lights. After a frantic few minutes I popped the battery cover and discovered corrosion on the terminals. After a few twists there were some sparks and I was able to bring her to life. Made it home, just need to properly clean up the terminals.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I replaced the slave cylinder, bled it in record time. Looks like with a new master and slave cylinder my clutch is good to go. I also managed to tighten the spark plugs so they're not leaking anymore. I think I just didn't torque them down all the way, out of paranoia that I would snap them, when I last changed them.

Hopefully the weather will let me to do a full tune up and I can get the poor girl running better. She's good now, but I know there's something missing.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Clutch Fixed

Yes, as the title suggests my clutch is finally fixed. I got my new slave cylinder in from Chris Roop and installed it just a short time ago.

If you have to replace yours, and not at home, make sure you have 3 wrenches. One for the bolts holding the slave to the transmission, one for the clutch hose, and one for the bleed valve. I brought one for the transmission bolts...made life fun.

Also, my friend discovered my spark plug channels are leaking air...and bits of fuel. I'm going to try and plug them with a little sealant tomorrow or something and see if that may fix my lean mixture problem. Hopefully it will, nothing else has seemed to touch it except the choke.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stupid Clutch

Ok, update. Parts came in and went to replace the master cylinder, yeah...Nothing happened. We spent over an hour trying to bleed the system and got a couple ounces into it. Finally started checking the lines and everything. Nothing looked bad. I figured I'd pull the flexible hose and couldn't get it off so I decided to pull the slave to get to it.

It fell into 3 pieces. So, I get to order a new one, yay. Looks like a rock or something must have hit it, clipping the boot, allowing stuff in and causing it to fail. So, I have a nice shiny new master cylinder and I've got a slave on order through Roop's MG.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Clutch Master Cylinder

Yea...the clutch master cylinder. I'm running out of non-engine/tranny parts that I haven't replaced. Especially ones I haven't rebuilt.

I drove the MG to work earlier this week and when I went to leave...the clutch wouldn't disengage. Played with it, fiddled with it, and even pushed it backwards to check for leaks...yup, master clutch cylinder blew a seal. I did rebuild it almost 2 years ago's old and since I put it together without instructions and guessing where parts went, I'm happy it lived this long.

On the plus side, I've been able to park next to myself every day this week. For some reason no one wants to park next to the classic. I got a new cylinder in and I plan on replacing it tomorrow. Hopefully it'll work and it's not the hose that's gone.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Soft Top

So, got a new top finally. The old one was tearing at all the seams for the windows and was just getting ratty. Admittedly I got the “cheap” one through moss, mainly because I’m cheap and because I’m not going for show quality.

I also installed it myself, costing $35 in parts for tools I didn’t have. I think it turned out nice. I meant to take pictures along the way but basically got distracted.

While I had the old top off I removed the frame and cleaned up some of the old glue, painted the entire thing in engine enamel black and rearranged my seatbelts so they’d work a bit better. Below are some pics of the final product. I think there’s a bit of a wrinkle on the corners but I’m hoping it’ll settle a bit and and clear up. Either way, I love it and that’s what matters most.

I also got the parts in to replace my tie rods and the springs to my carburetors. I’m hoping that the springs will help my lean problem and the replacement tie rods will allow me to replace the steering rack boots without worrying about damaging the old boots.

New MG Top 002 New MG Top 001

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tires Tires Everywhere

So, I've finally decided to get new tires. I'm scheduled to get them replaced Saturday, just waiting for what's going to stop me now. I've decided to "upgrade" to 185/70/14 from the 175/70/14's I have now.

Also, it's getting nice out so I'm finally able to drive her with the top down. Normally a cause for celebration, I've discovered my top is BADLY in need of replacement so I get to add that to my list of parts to buy...soon.